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Soulful pregnancy



F A R  M O R E  T H E N  
P R E G NA N C Y  Y O G A 

Dear lioness, come... escape the hectic pace and imagine yourself on a relaxing retreat every week.... 

Immerse yourself in a world of pregnancy yoga, tasty snacks, warm cosy vibes. Be inspired by information provided by various experts about pregnancy, childbirth and maternity in a beautiful location. Weekly on Sunday morning. This ongoing concept is provided by Gytha Brooks in collaboration with several guest speakers. Forces have been joined to create the most complete & exclusive pregnancy experience for you. Completely with the aim of empowering you as much as possible during perhaps the most special transition phase of your life.. 


You, divine woman, it's all in you 
it's your time to shine!



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What to expect

This is not your average pregnancy class. At Soulful Pregnancy, we're going to approach it completely differently… Soulful pregnancy retreats is an exclusive experience… in which you participate at least eight times so that you have a nice party to look forward to every week during your pregnancy, during that period.


The pilot edition was completed in December. What a joy it was! Fully motivated after all the positive feedback from the participants, we will start again at the beginning of February. There is a weekly meeting in both Dutch and English. 

The weekly retreats last 2 hours. Part of which is yoga class/movement. In the other part, a theme related to pregnancy, childbirth or maternity is discussed. In an attractive setting while enjoying snacks and drinks. 

There will be several guest speakers who will demonstrate, tell and inspire from their own field. 


Come relax and enjoy a rich program:

  • Preparation for pregnancy, delivery and maternity period with different experts: 

    • Postpartum expert Nadia Ajoep

    • Pelvic physiotherapist, Inger van den Berg

    • Breathing coach and birth consultant, Gytha Brooks

  • Pregnancy Yoga by Gytha Brooks (at the start of each retreat)

  • Healing concert by Loes Swinkels

  • Soundhealing by Pleuni van Hulten

  • Ayurvedic snacks and cozy vibe

Together we create a safe and loving space where you can relax to the fullest during your pregnancy, where you are empowered, after which you leave the door glowing. 


The yoga exercises prevent and relieve pelvic floor complaints, the right muscles are strengthened or loosened. Soon, assumptions such as "yoga is too spiritual" and "I'm not flexible enough for that" are thrown overboard and you enjoy the routines because you achieve noticeable results. Experience is absolutely not necessary. It is a gentle yet effective form of yoga, safe for pregnant women. When your interest in yoga is awakened, you will be able to get lasting strength and relaxation from it.




No week is the same. Each time another piece of theory is discussed that we will immediately put into practice with exercises. Such as: How do you deal with pain during childbirth? What are contractions? How can you positively influence dilation?  Which poses are conducive to opening the pelvis? Don't expect a boring slideshow. Be surprised, we have made it interactive for you!


you can learn to relax! 'Relaxation' is central topic every week. You learn to better recognize where your limits lie and you learn in which different ways you can relax. After 8 meetings you have mastered the breathing exercises, inspired by hypnobirthing. All of this has positive consequences on the course of your pregnancy, the delivery and your recovery.

When to start your series of 8  retreats 

A favorable time to start is from week 12 to week 32 of pregnancy. You can always participate, even if you have already had a previous pregnancy. It is a new experience and suitable as preparation every time. Participation is appropriate whether you are going to give birth in hospital or at home. 

The retreats will now take place on Sunday mornings. Due to the lockdown, we are now on a short break. We expect to have the green light again from February. The first retreat is scheduled for February 6. Location: PUUR midwifery center Veldhoven. Dorpstraat 120 Veldhoven.

Please note: Due to the corona measures, the groups are kept smaller. The retreats are organized in the annex of the popular PUUR midwifery practice in Veldhoven (10 minutes travel time from the center of Eindhoven). The groups are therefore expected to be fully booked quickly.




Practical information

This is an ongoing concept with retreats, on Sunday mornings especially for pregnant women. The weekly retreats last 2 hours. Part of which is yoga class/movement and breathwork. In the other part, a theme related to pregnancy, childbirth or maternity is discussed. In an atmospheric setting while enjoying snacks and drinks

New start date retreats: Sunday 6 February

Times: ENG 09:00 uur,  NL 11:15 uur.   

Location: Outbuilding verloskundige praktijk Puur in Veldhoven

Dorpstraat 120 Veldhoven 
Free and ample parking. 

Participation with golden ticket: 

Access to a series of 8  Soulful Pregnancy retreats weekly on Sundays.




*Payment in three monthly installments of   133,-  is possible. To sign in, please pay first installment. 

*After your series of 8 meetings, you are welcome to continue participating. Costs:  €35 per additional retreat.

Start following your 8 evening retreats between weeks 12 and 30 of your pregnancy.


€ 395,-

€ 133,-

try out

Soulful Pregnancy




New groups starting soon! 

from 10th of April 
ENG 09:15 - 11:15

NL 11:15 - 13:15
Location: Dorpstraat 120 Veldhoven

We like to start with a group of participants who are curious about and open to this unique concept. Glad you're interested! Is there anything else you would like to know more about?

Thank you for your message, we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

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For the past 4 years, Gytha, who is also a mom herself, has enjoyed giving pregnancy yoga classes in and around Eindhoven. In addition, after following the pregnancy coach training, she has already guided dozens of couples with her one-day private course: 'Giving birth from relaxation'. In this way, many moms are prepared for a birth that they can look back on with a positive and empowered feeling. During the Soulful Pregnancy retreats, the experience of the group yoga classes is combined with the knowledge of the private course. A nice variety of knowledge, movement and relaxation, divided over 8 retreats in which you can make the exercises and breathing your own, because: Practice is key!

" A Soulful Pregnancy for me stands for; stillness, attention, sisterhood through female energy, connection, BEING and Celebrating motherhood! I managed to create this for you in a unique way. Every retreat will feel like a gift to yourself and maybe even a little party. After which you leave the door relaxed, strengthened and enlightened. These special evenings are an ode to you! Because the transition you are going through to motherhood is so miraculous. I am really looking forward to being able to guide you through this special phase.”

Gytha Brooks

- Certified Yoga instructor, (pregnancy) masseuse, pregnancy coach, breathing coach & mom.

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Dear Gytha,

I was really looking forward to the weekly yoga retreat during my pregnancy! In addition to the weekly relaxing exercise, there was something new on the program every week. This was not a 'standard' pregnancy course but a real gift to relax and make contact with my son. It was also very nice and valuable to share this with other women who were in the same transformation. Personally, the sound healing with Pleuni was a real highlight for me and of course all the delicious treats that you made fresh for us every week. I felt completely pampered and even the 'practical information' was told and explained by you in a unique way and we really got to experience it. In my opinion it sticks much better this way. Thank you for your valuable contribution in this special transformation that I can go through into mom ♡


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